Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let the pretty dress distract your wonderful eyes

Lovely people.

I wasn't gone, I swear. I was in Holland.

You may say, "Hey! I know Holland! They have internet there!"

Yes, yes they do. But no cardreaders, apparently. And tourists there prefer to spend time with their tall Dutch boyfriends. So I have some catch-up to do with all of you!

Today's dress:
When this little girl grows up and wants to be a 
pretty pink princess flapper ballerina, she'll be all set.

 This fabric will make her feel ethereal.

Add wings and baby. BAM. Angel.

The fabric was a super-thin, incredibly soft baby pink knit.
 It had fine lines of thread making stripes every inch or so, and one more thing: SEQUINS. 
Every baby needs a little sparkle. Some clear, plastic sparkle.

This is how the dress would look if said baby could fly.

I used a baby onesie pattern and cut it off before it made the underwear deal, and then got inspiration from Melly Sews's super awesome tutorial for the skirt. I made 14 squares and edged them with satin ribbon, then sewed them in two tiers for a flappericious flippy skirt. 

I also added a nice, deep neckline in the back.

Babies don't have to worry about bras, right? 
They just have huge heads that need to fit into their garments somehow.

The fabric was so fine, I had to sew some of the seams with tissue paper underneath to keep my feeddogs from ingesting the stuff and making a really wonky zig-zag. Hungry little beasts.

At this point, I was really hoping the dress wouldn't
 turn out like a toilet seat cover.

At the end, I added a cute little medallion for interest. Yoyo + shank button + ribbon.

It's like a cuteness award.

I do have to add, as a tip for the future, that I initially lined the bodice with nude, but I was unhappy with the way it made the color look dingy. In the end, I lined it with self fabric and I got  a much purer, brighter looking color. The only trick was lining up the stripes, which I wasn't totally successful at, but whatever. Babies have incredibly low standards for that kind of thing.

-Hannah Jean

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