Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Takin' Back

No really,  take in the back. Of your blouse.

  I like to go shopping as much as anyone, but lately there have been very few garments I'll wear as purchased. I'm much happier with a garment if I feel like it fits my body, and often I'm just a few seams away from making something on clearance look like a million bucks.

     I'm pretty used to taking in the waists of shirts and dresses, but I've had problems with bulging backs. I always figured the backs were simply too broad and that was the reason for the funny poofy look (grandma's blouse meets hunchback of Notre Dame-style). So, on this blouse, I extended the back darts to take up excess upper back width.

    The part of this story that wasn't fitting is that I already have broad shoulders, and the shoulder seams weren't falling down. When I took in extra width from the back, I lost a lot of mobility. Like, the kind you need to drive.

Me, driving in the blouse. In Britain, apparently.

So, I ripped that out and thought in another direction. Instead of taking out width, I took out length between the shoulder seams and the bottom of the armhole.

New dart indicated in pink/red. It was about 4" (10cm) uptake on mine.

Et voila! No more quasi modo. The paisley design hides the seam nicely.

Before & After

And now I can go on with my life without shirt-deformities. Thank you, sewing machine!

-Hannah Jean

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