Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Quilt, Continued!

Due to a request on my last quilt post, I'm uploading some pictures of the quilt stars, close-up.

Before being pieced together, lying on the floor. Wondering, "When will I feel complete?"

This shot is a little grainy, but it most clearly shows the voids they had in their existence. Also, what it would look like if Princess Tiana played Portal.

Those squiggles remind me of pink electricity. What do you think they are?

Here are some of the dress blossoms, opening up to expose their beauty. Ladies, don't try this at home.

And, here's what the fabric looked like before I chopped it up.This is two panels pieced together. That's right you can't see the seam, that's the point. Owned.

 <3 Hannah Jean


  1. Lovely! I found your blog via the live.laugh.rowe blog hop. I am now following you via GFC. I would love for you to stop by my blog sometime!!

  2. Thank you! I stopped by, cute blog! I just wanted to remind you that as of today, GFC will no longer be working for most blogs so I would suggest you transfer your subscriptions to a reader. :)


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