Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Little Quilter That Could

My Masterpiece!

Don't be mislead. I am not a quilter. But you know, I have quilted. Because sometimes the call of quick, easy, gratifying projects that won't make you stay up late ripping out seams that were  a millimeter off, or trying to decide whether the next few months of your life should really dedicated to piecing tiny scraps cut out of fabric that was perfectly good to begin with is just no longer alluring.

Supplies.  Not pictured: patience and meticulous precision

"But, Hannah," you say. "Quilting is artistic expression!  
A huge canvas on which to display your talents!" 

Yes, I know. But have you see those pieced stars, twirling around,
taunting me with their copious amounts seams? 
All singing this in unison:

"Oh match us up, Hannah! It's totally worth the extra 8 episodes of Doctor Who!"

Do you know what I told them?


And then I wrapped their little bottoms up in a sheet and ribbon and called it a day.

(Want to make a cool quilt like this? Pick up this book. The pictures alone are worth the price, and I'm usually way too cheap to buy crafty books.)

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UPDATE: For more pictures, visit this post


  1. wow, awesome quilt. Wish I could see more close ups.

    1. Hi there, I've added another post to show some close-ups. Hope you have a great day!

  2. I felt really bad that I forgot to take more close-up shots. But, come back in a few days and I'll try to crop the pics I have to show more individual pieces, okay? :)

  3. Wow... your quilt is amazing! Love the colours!

    1. Thank you! I chose this fabric because I fell in love with the watercolor background.


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