Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Dotty Blue Blouse

So, I'm kind of a cheapskate. I mean, really. 

I went to Joann's a few days ago for their super special daffodil dash sale. If you spend $50 this week you get 30% off next week. I spent $50.92 and most of that was $1 McCall's patterns and red tag fabrics at half price (and if I guessed the amount of fabric left on the bolt without going over, I saved a few more sheckles there, too.) Also, I pick up pennies.

Unfortunately, I cannot wrangle my inner Scrooge down, even if I want desperately to support awesome independent companies like Colette. I cannot pay $15 for a pattern I will ultimately alter until it bears no semblance to its original form.

But, you know, I do like the look of that Colette Taffy blouse.
So, what does a tightwad seamstress do?

Ladies and gentleman (my BF reads this, for sure), I present to you The Dotty Blue Blouse, which may or may not have been inspired by a similar item with a delicious name.

I'm either a pin-up or being arrested. Or both.

 No, there was no second cameraman.

See that black band that finishes the neck? I could not find anything in my stash that would work for a sheer neckline. It was driving me crazy. I decided to go to to dollar store and pick up some masks (going to a masquerade ball, more on that later!) when I stopped in the hair section and saw these headbands.

Pffft, who would buy that?
 It's just a bunch of fold over elast- HOLY CATS!

My neck is covered with pieced dollar store headbands. Don't hate.

For the shots, I just tied a lace ribbon around the middle to give some definition. 
Otherwise, I get this:

Okay, guys, let's play "find the waist." Whoever gets it loses 20 pounds!

Unfortunately, I probably won't be keeping this one. I bought this mesh a few years ago and I've gotten a lot better at choosing quality fabrics in the meantime. This one feels scratchy on my skin and that drives me a little crazy, no matter how many cute little dots are on it.

Till next time, chicas!

-Hannah Jean

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