Sunday, April 22, 2012


So, I'm leafing through the McCall's catalog thinking, hmm... What patterns here are worth a dollar?

And I found one that was worth a million!

Take a look:

 Take a good, hard look. Think deep into your brain... Why is this pattern so special? 
First one to guess it wins brownie points.

In other news, here are the masks a friend and I made for the masquerade ball. We were the only one who made our own and peeps were pretty impressed! 

Note to self: Next time don't use a plastic mask as you dance your heart out. Your. Face. Sweats.

Lots of Love,
Hannah Jean


  1. 'Cause the attractive drapes conceal our largish, womanly bottoms?!

    I'm only guessing in the hope that the brownie points can be redeemed against chocolate brownies.

    1. I like that guess, but really this pattern would just be special to me and not all of my womanly-bottomed sisters! Look close at the example dress they sewed up.

      The last I checked, brownie points had the exchange rate of 5 cake pops per unit, though you can't make the change everywhere. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Nice guess! Check out my new post for the answer:


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