Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinwheel You Look at That

Guys, guys. Guys! I'm ridiculously happy with this dress. 
I even made a cool little logo for the post. You see that? 
I should pin it or something.

It's made with this completely awesome knit that 
I almost didn't cut into. It's thick, it's opaque, it's in teal, and it doesn't fray or curl at all. I was like, NO! This stuff is amazing! I need to make something for me.

But the thought of my little three year old 
niece shivering in the cold for lack of an awesome pinwheel 
dress persuaded me. Also, it took like half a yard, 
so there are still leftovers for yours truly.

I put three pinwheels on it with one of those fat quarter rolls 
with all the coordinated fabric. Seriously, what can you do with those things? The fabrics are so cute but the pieces are minute! I might have to make some kind of tiny gored skirt with the rest. 

One of my favorite parts of this dress was 
the ribbon belt. I was having trouble making the belt just right, when I realized:
 one color of ribbon was not enough. But, forces combined, two ribbons created a 
I am dead serious, that three year old niece came up to my boyfriend and said, 
"Look how pretty my bow is!"

Pictured: World Record Holder for Best Aunt

Yeah guys, put pinwheels on your dresses and sew some ribbons together. You will not regret it. (Found the pinwheel tutorial here. For the belt, center thin ribbon on wide 


Thanks for talking to me! Have a great day!